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The Team

Domain Charter Group’s founders and experienced staff have individually over 32 years direct experience in the building and property investment industry.

They have recognized an opportunity to provide a unique and comprehensive service to those interested in building wealth and long term financial security through prudent direct property investment.

John Cerini – Managing Director

John’s vision and leadership has established Domain Charter Group as a leading specialist property investment company. With over 32 years direct experience as a building and property investment practitioner, and along with his partner Trish, he co founded Domain Charter Group with the mission of providing the many benefits that property investing brings.

Trish Cerini – Director and Officer in Effective Control

Trish has over 30 years of business and administration experience and has run a number of successful companies in her own right. Co founder of Domain Charter Group, Trish’s pivotal role is to oversee the complete and effective management of the Domain Charter Group’s operations and ongoing commitment to building long term relationships with all Domain Charter Group’s current and future clients.

Ian Thomas - Investment Director/Manager

With over 18 years experience in general real estate and residential property investment, Ian has worked with some of the most successful real estate and property investment firms in Melbourne.
Over the last seven years he has been a leading member of Domain Charter Group, assisting clients with the acquisition and management of premium residential property investments and their portfolio expansion.

Leo Di Rago - Investment Director

Leo has over 14 years of expertise within the property investment industry as well as extensive experience in research, marketing and advertising with some of the largest project home builders in Melbourne.
His up to date knowledge and understanding of property investment has enabled him to assist hundreds of clients successfully invest in residential property.  

Jac Cerini - Procurement Manager

Jac has over 10 years of extensive knowledge in the building and construction industry. His understanding and expertise in all facets of the industry, enables him to ensure all the investment opportunities we offer our clients are of the highest possible standard and quality. 

Kathy Guthrie – General Manager and Officer in Effective Control

Kathy is a Licensed Estate Agent and oversees the entire management of Domain Charter Group’s extensive property management division.
Kathy has a strong track record in property management and is committed to all aspects of ensuring Domain Charter Group’s private investor clientele’s investments are securely managed effectively and efficiently.