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No tenant? No worries with *Rentsafe

One of the greatest fears for property investors is their cash flow being adversely affected by extended periods of tenant vacancy. After all, without the continuity of rental income, the effective holding of your investment property could be seriously compromised.

At Domain Charter, we understand that this is a major concern and that is why most of our investor clients do not have this concern as they have *Rentsafe underpinning the security of their investment property.

With *Rentsafe, our exclusive and free performance warranty minimizes any risk of your investment not being occupied. In fact, if your property is vacant after four consecutive weeks, we'll pay you an agreed amount.

This means that as long as Domain Charter is your property manager, you don't have any concerns as the cash flows are assured on your new investment or additional investments.

If you would like to know more about *Rentsafe or any further information regarding Domain Charter's complete property management services, please contact our Property Management Team on  03 8888 8888 or email

(*Conditions Apply)